Benchmark your salary against HR, OD, L&D and Education professionals throughout New Zealand!

Blue Sky Recruitment are excited to announce an extra service to our industries that complements our recruitment services.  Our new Salary Benchmark live site will allow HR, OD & L&D and Education professionals throughout New Zealand to quickly compare their salaries to their peers.  

Blue Sky Recruitment's 'Salary Benchmark' site is a free community-based portal. This site is specifically designed for New Zealand Human Resources, Learning & Development, Organisational Development, and Adult Education Professionals to enable them to easily share salary intelligence and help ascertain what people in these sectors are really earning.

New salary data is being added daily. So contribute your salary today and compare your earning power by completing the online form below and then compare your salary against same skilled and titled professionals like yourself.

Click here to anonymously enter your information and see how your remuneration package compares with similar professionals as yourself.